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Home Within You

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This summer my life completely shifted. I moved from NYC to Frankfurt, Germany, bringing over two suitcases and a backpack and leaving the rest behind. I transitioned from working full-time, teaching many classes and working out most days of the week to working part-time, not teaching, and losing my fitness routine completely. I had a wide open schedule, which to some may sound refreshing, but to me, was terrifying. I was not used to this unstructured daily (lack-of) routine and had always felt comfort in packing each day with work and a long (and usually unrealistic) daily to-do list.

At first, it felt uneasy to be in a completely different environment without any sort of schedule. I had relied so heavily before on my lists and google calendar that I had no idea what to do with so much time and space. It was uncomfortable, and frankly, made me feel like I was failing. I was not “accomplishing” enough, not crossing things off a checklist, not feeling satisfyingly exhausted by the end of the day because of all that I had completed. I didn’t know how to manage this new lifestyle, so, I worked towards changing my perspective; because although it was scary, it was also liberating.

In order to shift my mindset, I started with bringing my attention inward - something I had learned to do through my yoga practice. I started to consciously spend more time listening to my body, acknowledging my emotions and zooming into each moment as it was happening. I spent less time worrying about my game plan and what I “should” be doing to feel accomplished and more time noticing the wonderful new opportunities I was experiencing in that present moment.

What I’ve come to learn from this experience so far is that home is within you. No matter where you are you can always go within and feel grounded by connecting to yourself. When you finally see your whole self - body, mind & spirit - as a home, taking care of yourself becomes that much more important. Tuning in and listening to what you crave and need, noticing how you’re feeling in any given moment, taking care of all aspects of yourself, no matter where you are or what environment you are in, can always be accessed with a little self-awareness.

This realization is what has led me to finally start this website and share my insights and discoveries with all of you throughout my new journey. I hope my words can help inspire you to find comfort in your own body and breath, and to find space in your life regardless of your external circumstances. I invite you find the tools and inspiration necessary to create a happy & healthy home, within you.

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